HTA Ltd. is an international consultancy partnering with leading pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers, investment banks and hedge funds operating in Europe, Africa, and Middle East. HTA Ltd. is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and operates in the field of healthcare, supported by Medical Universities, consulting companies and leading international experts.

HTA Ltd. would like to help you build your own bridge – from investment to health technology, to healthcare – in a professional, conscious, competent and qualitative way, complying with scientific standards, aiming at making the healthcare system better and efficient.

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Our team

Dr. Slaveyko Djambazov, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner

George Slavchev, PhD

Partner and Scientific Director

Adriana Dacheva

Head of Operations and Budget Impact Analysis

Diana Raleva

HTA analyst

Maya Hadzhieva

PhD, Scientific Analyst

Radoslava Mitova

MD, Medical Advisor

Marta Encheva

PhD, Scientific Analyst

Andrey Filipov

HTA Analyst

What we do

НТА Ltd. offers health technology assessment:

  • HTA dossiers
  • Pharmacoeconomic analyses
  • Pharmacoeconomic analyses for negotiations with more powerful
  • Risk sharing agreements
  • Real world data (RWD)
  • Patient flows
  • Screening analyses
  • Model-based screening program designs
  • Relative effectiveness assessments (RЕАs) with randomised clinical trials (RCT) data and RWD
  • Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) measurement and analyses with local data
  • Local EQ-5D utility data
  • Early negotiations and consulting
  • Investment assessment
  • Trainings and educations – HTA, PE, epidemiology, biostatistics, pricing strategies, RSA
  • Health policy advisory
  • Regulations and legislations
  • Scientific publications (scientific journal articles, teaching resources and education books co-authorship in HTA guidelines)

HTA Ltd. is certified under BDS EN ISO 9001:2015  and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system:

  • Achieves higher operating efficiency;
  • Quality of HTA Ltd. products and services are clear, measurable and controllable; over time
  • Increases the quality of HTA Ltd. services and raises HTA Ltd. team’s awareness;
  • Ensures clear processes and (communication) structures, tasks and responsibilities throughout the entire organization;
  • An annual risk assessment;

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information security management systems:

  • Keeps and manages confidential information secure;
  • Monitoring security rules for internal data;
  • Increases the quality of HTA Ltd. services and raises HTA Ltd. team’s awareness;
  • Protected information from getting into unauthorized hands;
  • Ensured information is accurate and can only be modified by authorized users;
  • Assessed the risks and mitigated the impact of a breach;
  • Manages and minimizes risk exposure

We aim to provide our clients with professional assessment, based on our knowledge of health technologies, our access to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, and our fair business approach. We crucially rely on our experience, constant learning culture, and vast network of universities, experts and associates.

HTA Ltd. is also certified from Commission for Personal Data Protection.

HTA Ltd. Is a consulting company:

  • health technology assessment: drugs, medical devices, and diagnostic methods
  • healthcare management
  • health policy advisory
  • management consulting
  • investment consulting
  • market access strategy providing scientific advice
  • strategic pricing
  • pricing & reimbursement

By interacting and analyzing accordingly, HTA Ltd. provides a professional and objective assessment and advice.

НТА Ltd. Offers health technology assessment:

  • assessment with regard of the policies in the sphere of scientific research, which deals with short-term as well as the long- term results of the applied health technologies
  • provides information regarding alternative health strategies
  • systematically assesses the technical characteristics, the safety, clinical efficacy, and real life effectiveness, costs, social, legal and ethical consequences of the health technologies
  • focuses on the clinical and economic added value of the health technology

НТА Ltd. Offers health technology assessment:

  • analysis of the health problem
  • comparative analysis of the therapeutic efficacy and safety of the product
  • analysis of the pharmacoeconomic indicators
  • analysis of the budget impact

НТА Ltd. Offers advanced RWD analytics

  • Drug analyses by therapeutic indications and line of treatment
  • RWD cancer analytics
    • Real life patterns of progression free survival (PFS)
    • Mean/median dose of treatment
    • Duration of treatment (DoT)
    • Time to tumor progression (TTP)
    • Time to treatment failure (TTF)
    • Assessment of treatment algorithm by therapeutic indications (treatment sequencing)
  • Patient flows with RWD and analytics
  • Epidemiological analyses

НТА Ltd. Offers health technology assessment:

НТА Ltd. offers cost-effectiveness analyses with local data for quality of life:

  • Application of Bulgarian population norms results and local EQ-5D utility data in pharmacoeconomic analyses


PFIZER strongly recommends Health Technology Assessment Ltd. (HTA Ltd.) Bulgaria as a reliable provider of health technology assessment services, on time, within budget. Through its work in partnership with HTA Ltd., PFIZER aims to ensure reliable and comprehensive data and professional analysis on its products.
As a big pharmaceutical company, we strongly rely on the precise analysis of our products. When it comes to the Bulgarian market, we rely on HTA Ltd. for providing us with reliable, well-organized and detailed reports. That is why we would strongly recommend them to any potential clients in Bulgaria. The professional level is higher than expected and satisfies Novartis’ standards and requirements.
HTA Ltd. is a team of professionals with an extensive network of prominent experts, and their job is impressive. HTA Ltd. is a trusted partner and meets Sanofi’s high standards and requirements.
Eli Lily Bulgaria believes that the health technology assessment of products must be executed by specialists and experts who are familiar with the Bulgarian and the international regulations and market environment, with the necessary qualification for fulfilling such tasks, and who have the skills to analyze all information in a professional way and within the agreed time framework. For that reason Eli Lily​ recommends the services of HTA Ltd. for providing HTA support in preparation of analyses of medicinal products.
We, at Merck Bulgaria EAD, rely on HTA Ltd., which managed to provide a precisely written and detailed HTA report, for a less than a month, which was evaluated with a positive recommentation by the Health Technology Assessment Commission, three months later. After our work with HTA Ltd. we would strongly recommend their services as detailed, accurate, and within the agreed time framework.
Merck Bulgaria EAD
Positive Health Technology Assessment is a key step in successful market entry for medicinal products. Conducting qualitative and precise pharmacoeconomic analysis could sometimes be very challenging, especially in short terms. We trust HTA Ltd. to produce the pharmacoeconomic analysis of AbbVie’s products because we receive professional service within the specified term. We strongly recommend HTA Ltd. as a reliable partner with high standards of work.

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