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HTA Ltd. is an independent organization committed to improve healthcare by engaging institutions, academia, experts, business, patients, regulators, payers, NGOs. With collaborative efforts HTA Ltd. shapes healthcare policy and decision-making and empowers business and non-business organizations. At HTA Ltd. we believe in long-lasting, sustainable partnerships. And we constantly enrich our scope of value-adding services.

Dr. Slaveyko Djambazov, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner

Dr. Djambazov has  international expertise in health policy advisory, health technology assessment (HTA) and health investments. Holds a PhD in HTA, MBA from the American University in Bulgaria, masters in Medicine and Public health, completed executive  education at Harvard Business School.

Consults in the field of HTA, pharmacoeconomics, real-world data, value measurement in healthcare. Teaches and co-authors books on HTA,  Epidemiology, Health Economics, Clinical Trials. Since 2017 has been active in consulting healthcare projects in Africa, Central and South East Asia.

George Slavchev, PhD

Partner and Scientific Director

Georgi Slavchev holds a Bachelor degree in biotechnologies, a Master degree in molecular biology from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and a PhD in infectious microbiology. He had been working at the Microbiology Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences where he conferred the academic degree of chief professor assistant. Georgi Slavchev is working in the field of health technology assessment with further specializations in London, Glasgow and Baltimore.

He is an author and co-author of more than 30 scientific research publications. He is one of the authors of the books ”Clinical trials: Theory, Practice, Recommendations and Practical Epidemiology”.

Adriana Dacheva

Partner and Operations Director

In 2017 she completed her postgraduate qualification in Health Management. Adriana Dacheva has 5 years of experience working on HTA dossier preparation and more specifically as a budget impact analyst.
Specializes additionally in Glasgow, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milano and taking part in courses organized by ISPOR in the field of HTA and in particular in budgetary impact area, risk-sharing agreements.

Since the beginning of 2020, she has been actively involved in projects related to the Value measurement for healthcare in Bulgaria. She will defend her PhD thesis in the field of HTA and more specifically – “Economic evaluation and optimization of the effectiveness of treatment in patients with macular degeneration”.

Diana Raleva

HTA Analyst

Diana Raleva is a master of engineering, has a higher medical education with a bachelor’s degree in obstetrics and a master’s degree in health management from the Medical University – Sofia. Аwarded for excellent results in university education, participates with publications and presentations with medical and social orientation. Since 2019, has been involved in the preparation of health technology assessments and pharmacoeconomic analyzes with an emphasis on the scientific part, as well as in the study of current trends related to medicine and healthcare.

Since 2020, has been actively working on analyzes to assess the budgetary impact of health technologies in Bulgaria.

Maya Hadzhieva

PhD, Scientific Analyst
Dr. Hadzhieva has a PhD degree in Immunology from the Institute of Microbiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and a Master degree in Integrative Neuroscience from Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. Since 2017, as part of the HTA Ltd team she has been actively involved in the HTA dossier preparation as a scientific analyst, focused primarily on the clinical and pharmacoeconomic evaluations of health technologies.

Radoslava Mitova

MD, Medical Advisor

Radoslava’s expertise is focused on clinical evidence synthesis, HTA dossier development, and comparative effectiveness analyses. Her experience also includes producing narrative reviews and evaluating e-health platforms. Co-author of publications on next generation sequencing and epidemiology.

Has a keen interest in and conducted extensive research on helicopter emergency medical services and high-altitude mountain telemedicine. Holds Master’s degree in Medicine.

Marta Encheva

PhD, Scientific Analyst

Marta Encheva, PhD, is a scientific analyst and QoL researcher in the field of health technology assessment (HTA). She holds a PhD in Microbiology and a master’s degree in Molecular biology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Since 2018 has been working on pharmacoeconomic analyses and applying local health state utility values (HSUV) in them, specializes in cost-effectiveness modeling. In 2020 co-authored “EQ-5D-5L Bulgarian population norms” with the support of EuroQol Research Foundation members.

Ekaterina Pavlova

HTA Analyst

Ekaterina Pavlova holds a Bachelor degree in biomedicine with subspecialty neurosciences from the University College London in the UK. Currently, she is studying a Master degree in experimental
pharmacology again in the UCL. Since 2020 she is a member of the HTA Ltd. team and is actively involved in the field of health policies and pharmacoeconomics.

Ekaterina is a co-author of a recent scientific publication on COVID-19 spread and is planning to continue her career development by preparing a PhD thesis.

Yoanna Vutova

Marketing Specialist

Yoanna Vutova holds a Master degree in pharmacy from the Medical University of Sofia. She has been a member of the HTA Ltd. team since 2017, studying and working in the area of research analysis, health policies, development and coordination of the international activities of HТА Ltd., participating as a co-author of scientific research projects.

Since the beginning of 2020 she has been actively involved in “Value Measurement for Health Care” projects in Bulgaria.

Desislava Vladimirova

HTA Analyst

University graduate with MSc in Biomolecular Science and BSc in Biomedical Science with academic and professional experience at molecular biology, immunology and nanotechnology research laboratories and a pharmaceutical company, focusing on project development, research management, clinical trials and sales. Currently a Molecular biologist at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with 11-month professional experience, carrying out research on developing 3D cell bioprinting models, and a member of the National programme “BioActiveMed” for the use of natural herbs as anti-cancer therapies. Moreover, recently joined HTA Ltd as HTA analyst, leveraging scientific knowledge and pharmaceutical experience to adequately evaluate the properties, efficacy and safety of new health technologies.


Andrean Georgiev

HTA Analyst​

MSc in Pharmacy with professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, drug product development and technology.

Scientific experience and current specialization in Pharmacology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Recently joined HTA Ltd. as HTA analyst.

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